Life after adoption…

Happy Tails of Success!

Stories of our rescue bunnies that found their forever homes!

Jolene/Mrs. Potato

Jolene was born in 2016, and by January 2017 was already the mother of six beautiful bunnies! Unfortunately, life was not easy for Jolene as she was neglected and forced to live in Rubbermaid containers with the rest of her family until she was rescued in February.

By June 2017, Jolene’s children were grown up and she was looking for love. Later that month, Jolene attended a speed date at Hoppy Hour where she hit it off with a lucky bachelor named Mr. Potato.

Today, Jolene, now known as Mrs. Potato, lives a happy and healthy life with her now husbun and it is all thanks to Liza and George! Since being rescued, most of her children and their fathers have found homes as well.

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Roo Bader Ginsburg

Formerly known as Maggie, Roo came to our attention on October 20th 2017 after she was brought to Vet Ranch. In the original posting it stated that her owners came back from vacation and found her lying in the backyard with a large, deep, maggot infested, wound on her abdomen.

Due to Maggie's poor prognosis and level of care needed, her owners decided to turn Maggie over to the vet clinic where she was bathed, started her on antibiotics, and was able to have hundreds of maggots removed. After the post appeared on facebook, Jenna was referred to the post by a friend/vet, named Kelly, and contacted ACHR. Soon afterwards, we learned that Roo’s parents...

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In late January 2018, Mitzy was turned over to the Animal Care Services shelter as a stray and was suffering from a skin condition that was soon discovered to be mange. Although treatable, the mange affected her eyes, nose, and chin and was causing her skin to become itchy and hairless.

Shortly after arriving at ACS, Mitzy was spotted by Alamo City House Rabbits and we were able to get her after a three day hold. Unfortunately, mange is very contagious to other animals and Mitzy would require special attention for her recovery. Due to the Mitzy’s circumstances, Judy Lynch, a Board Member of ACHR, volunteered to open her home to fostering Mitzy and giving her the love and attention that she deserved...

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In early 2017, Vinny was rescued by an Alamo City House Rabbit member, from a farm that was unwilling and unable to provide proper care for him. Due to the lack of care and being left outside, Vinny was not only malnourished, but was also found to have the worst infestations of ear mites that ACHR had ever seen! Not only was the ear mite damage easily visible, but they were also slowly and painfully eating away at his ear. With the amount of damage seen it was clear to see that Vinny was suffering and would require help as soon as possible. On top of this, after being rescued, Vinny fell victim to a botched neuter procedure which included the incision tearing several times and leading to revision surgeries...
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